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CST Experiences

Tide Times & Water Safety

What's the water like today?

We are lucky to be making use of natural environments for our activities and experiences but we are conscious to keep them that way. We do test the lake water regularly but there will always be wildlife and seasonal influences to be aware of.

Trevassack Lake

Helford River



Aerial view of freshwater Trevassack Lake - CST Experiences
Aerial view of sailing dinghies on Helford River beach

In the interests of your safety, please note:

Caution Deep Water – no diving or unauthorised access

Uneven Underfoot with Ground Source Heat Coils Submerged

Unstable Quarry Face

No Pets Allowed In The Water

Ursula’s Boathouse is our Helford River HQ and our primary meeting point, based on the north of the Helford next to The Ferryboat Inn.

We also offer a meeting point on the south side, but with it being a tidal estuary our south side dropoffs and launch points are a little more at the mercy of the moon so please ensure you know where you are heading to be there in good time.