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May Half Term Sailing Courses - Helford River

On May Half Term, we will be running a full set of RYA youth courses – fingers crossed for the weather! 

Stage 1 will be running for 2 full days on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 May. Designed for complete beginners, it’s a fun way to start learning how to sail. 

Stage 2 will follow on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May. If you already have stage 1 and want to learn more, this is a great course to put some new skills in place. If you are taking Stage 1 earlier in the week, it is possible to spend 4 days with us, working towards both certificates. 

Stage 3 is the course where you really start putting your singlehanded skills to the test! A jump up from Stage 2, you’ll need to have done some sailing between your courses to get the most from it. This course runs on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May. If you are feeling rusty, we recommend joining us on Monday and Tuesday earlier in the week to have a refresher and brush up on your skills. 

Stage 4 continues to build your sailing skills and introduces team work, as the course is sailing in dinghies for two people. The course runs on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May. As with Stage 3, if you’ve not sailed for a while, it might be a good plan to book onto our Monday and Tuesday skills refresher course. 

Sailing with Spinnakers is the most fun you can have in a dinghy! Learn from the experts how to fly a spinnaker in our RS Fevas, the RYA junior class that could put you on the pathway to Olympic glory in the 49er or 49erFX, allow you to have loads of fun messing around on the Helford river or anything inbetween! You will have to have reached Stage 4 standard to take part on this course.

Racing sailing boats on the river with CST Experiences
RYA Sailing Courses

We have several courses available according to ability – have a chat if you’re not sure which one best suits your 8-16 year old. Our courses are now two full days, so you are able to potentially level up in a week if you so wish!



NEW - All our youth RYA sailing courses are now 2 full days

Previously, we ran all our courses over four half days, but following feedback from you, and our instructors, this year we have simplified the course stages (RYA Stage one, two, three & four) and present them in two full days instead. 


RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Start Sailing

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RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Improver

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RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Top Skills

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RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Double Handed Skills

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Advanced Courses

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RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Seamanship

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RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Sailing with Spinnakers

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Sailing on the Helford River in good weather with CST Experiences