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A Feathered Team Member

A Feathered Team Member

When the facilities here at Trevassack were created, great care was taken to cause minimal disturbance to the abundant wildlife that called the lake its home.

We’re pretty proud of how well we’ve continued to achieve our existence alongside the flora and fauna and this week we’re being repaid with the trust of our latest team member of the feathery, floating variety – Quackers the single Mallard. 

Quackers likes to eat all the crackers.

There are many, many birds who live here, families of gulls, groups of Grebes and Geese with their Goslings – but poor Quackers is seemingly all alone. So, he has taken to approaching the open office door…

We’d like to say it was us he was trying to befriend, but our best guess is he loves to hoover up any crumbs that have yet to be swept up from our breaktimes. Perhaps we should’ve called him ‘Henry’ (after the Hoover…!)

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