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Underwater Heat Coils

Underwater Heat Coils

Did you know?

Because our site at Trevassack is so lovely and rural, it posed some interesting logistical issues when setting up the facilities such as electrics, water and sewage. We had to get creative.

One way that we get heating in our lakeside Learning Centre is through an underwater version of a Ground Source Heat Pump.

If you think about how a fridge works, using a refrigerant gas to cool the inside and expel waste heat to the outside, our heat coils work in the opposite way!

The process is both beautifully simple and yet technical for the layperson so at this point it’s probably best to hand you over to the experts – Mike Hession, Director of e-Tech Learning put together a video for us, to better explain how the pond mats transfer energy efficiently and sustainably:

CST Sustainability

Thanks Mike!

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