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The Secret Lake in Cornwall

The Secret Lake in Cornwall

The further you head south west, the more you may wonder where you are heading; the twisty turny roads begin to look the same and the signposts feature weird words that all begin with ‘Nan’ or ‘Port’ or ‘Tre’.

Who knows what paradise lies on the other side of the Cornish hedging; a valley view, mizzly moorland, sight of the sea or… a secret lake.

You see, that’s what people keep saying when they cross the threshold into our state-of-the-art reception building…

‘I never knew all this was ‘ere!’

Beautiful lake to get married

But once they know, they keep on coming back. They maybe tell a few people, and proudly show them around the beauty of the place they discovered. But like a true local, they don’t like to shout too loudly lest this piece of paradise becomes too popular.

‘Shout it loud!’, we say, for without your support the charity that owns and runs Trevassack Lake would cease to exist.

private sailing dinghy on trevassack lake with cst experiences

Children’s Sailing Trust bought the ex-quarry and transformed it into the spring-fed, freshwater centre of watersports excellence it is today. It only opened to the public in October 2021 but to rapturous feedback; not least for that jaw-dropping moment you round the corner from the car park and say, ‘I never knew all this was here’.

Our secret lake at Trevassack has been kept as natural as possible, sympathetically developed to ensure the wildlife remains – and it has. The birds swoop the water, the ducks and geese waddle around as if they own the place (rightly so) and the plethora of fish has attracted the attention of a rather incredible cormorant.

Local wildlife at our lakeside wedding venue

We’ll let you in on another secret about our not-so-secret, secret lake.

It’s open to everyone.

A man stands on a paddleboard on Trevassack Lake

Big, little, older, younger, wheelchair users, experienced sailors, landlubbers and merpeople alike.

This lovely 10-acre lake is the perfect place to practice your paddleboard racing or simply float around in the serenity of the natural environment, come rain or shine.

We have hoists to help less mobile people get in and out of our specially adapted craft, so no one need miss out on the freedom felt when you are cruising on the water.

children and a wheelchair user on the accessible floating platform at CST Experiences

So, secret lake lovers, please do let everyone know – there’s plenty of room for everyone to experience the joy and outstanding natural beauty here at Trevassack Lake!

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